HEATWAVE 1.1 - Coming Soon!


Hello everyone!

Yes, HEATWAVE is no longer on hold and is now my main game project!

There's some pretty big changes on the way, since I now have a very clear view of the final version, which will be V 2.0.

I'll be updating the game slowly as I make changes, so the version 1.1 will come with:

  • Enhanced control of the tornado
  • Enhanced Enemies
  • Three lives for each level: you won't lose the level until you die & respawn 3 times

This is still basic stuff in term of what we can do in-game, but it's still a major update in terms of code: I'll basically rewrite everything from scratch and adapt it to the new game structure. Player code is already cleaned up, here's a preview:

There's probably not so much visual difference but the code is much cleaner and optimized, and I added few things for upcoming features (stats, skins... and there's more!)

Also I fixed the shrinking - finally! There shouldn't be any problems with it now (and it looks much better!)


So this post is pretty old already and I don't see any reasons to make a new devlog, so I'll just put this here: dev for this game is on hold and will probably not resume until next year (2022) or more, because my priorities have since changed, and while I really like this game and want to finish it, I've decided to put gamedev aside while I work on my art skills.

Sadly we can't do everything at once and gamedev takes a TON of time! But it's not getting cancelled, I think it has great potential and will eventually finish it one day, just not right now.

If you'd like to see my art and comic projects and get to know when I resume gamedev, you can find me on Tumblr (which is my artblog), Twitch and Mastodon!


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